AmeriCU announces a Personal Day of Meaning (PDM) for all employees beginning this month. A Personal Day of Meaning is paid time off that employees will have available to use to volunteer at a charitable organization of their choice.

In support of AmeriCU’s community involvement, a new initiative was announced to all employees, giving them an opportunity to volunteer, and give back to local organizations. ‘A Personal Day of Meaning’ is a paid 8 hour day granted to each AmeriCU employee so that can volunteer during regular business hours with a local charity of their choice.

“AmeriCU is proud to be a part of the communities we serve, and to us, community means more than just having a financial center location in town. It means being part of something bigger than ourselves and giving back whenever and wherever we can,” said Chief Talent Officer at AmeriCU, Karen LaPlante. “AmeriCU is about making personal connections with our members– and that is why providing this opportunity for our employees allows us to be able to make a greater impact in the communities and the members we serve.”

Charitable organizations that are in need of volunteers for events or activities in our community can make a request by visiting

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