AmeriCU Credit Union is excited to announce its partnership with the SUNY Poly Foundation in establishing the Nursing 300 Scholarship Program to support future healthcare professionals. The Nursing 300 Program will address the growing shortage of qualified nurses, ensuring the delivery of quality healthcare to the community.   


SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s (SUNY Poly) College of Health Sciences launched the nursing pilot program in fall 2023 by offering 12 nursing students, currently enrolled at Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC), the opportunity to take their first Nursing 300 class at SUNY Polytechnic Institute at no cost. AmeriCU supports SUNY Poly’s commitment to encourage philanthropic support in order to provide scholarships to students, assist faculty and staff in enhanced learning, and community engagement.  


“Many of the prospective students who apply for this support are non-traditional students who may currently be working in the field; this program allows them to further their education,” said Andrea LaGatta, Assistant Vice President of Development. “We are grateful AmeriCU Credit Union made this opportunity possible for our students.”  


One recipient of this year’s scholarship program is a local nursing student, Christine Lynch. Lynch took time off from pursuing her education to start a family. Once her children were school age, she decided it was time for her to continue to pursue her passion. To Lynch, receiving this scholarship is a source of immense pride and is a remarkable achievement. “Deciding to continue my education in my nursing career was a big decision for me and my family.  Receiving this scholarship mean a lot to us, said Lynch. “I am truly grateful for this opportunity to deliver quality nursing services to the community.”  


Through the partnership between SUNY Poly and St. Elizabeth College of Nursing, a student accepted into the 1+2+1 program enjoys seamless transitions between the two institutions and completes two degrees in four years. This initiative assists students of diverse ages and backgrounds, offering them the unique opportunity to further their education. 


By supporting the SUNY Poly Foundation, AmeriCU is demonstrating its commitment to learning, community engagement, and a brighter future for all. AmeriCU is honored to contribute to these educational initiatives offered by SUNY Polytechnic Institute.    


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