Adirondack Railroad Railbike tickets are now on sale, with the season starting May 8th. Adirondack railbikes are a four seat pedal powered vehicle that are designed to allow you to ride and explore sections of the track that are closed off to other traffic, enjoying the beauty of the Adirondacks at a more leisurely pace.

As in previous years, The Adirondack Railroad will start selling Polar Express tickets beginning April 1st. More information and links to ticket sales for both Adirondack Railbikes and Polar Express are found at

Since 1992, The Adirondack Railway Preservation Society (ARPS) that operates the Adirondack Railroad has built a successful tourist attraction, operating on track owned by the State of New York, a former New York Central line located in upstate New York and the Adirondack region.

The Adirondack Railway Preservation Society is a volunteer-based organization. Together with our staff, volunteers have donated approximately 300,000 hours to protect our historic railway and enrich the Adirondack experience for tourists and residents of our region.



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