Building Knowledge creates power. And education is the key to moving forward to a bright and excelling future. A path full of opportunity to build, to grow, and to prosper!



Navigating our new way of life has undoubtedly presented unimaginable challenges, but our resilience aspires us to continue moving forward to a future full of promise. The House of the Good Shepherd cares for over 900 children annually, and they can move forward to a bright future with encouragement from YOU.
The House continues to incur expenses related to COVID-19. Your gift is more important than ever. Reaching our goal of $165,000 will continue to meet the needs of children and families while providing the tools and resources for children to succeed, like improvements to classrooms, tutors, vocational classes, life skills preparation, and college expenses.
We are grateful to have an invested friend like YOU who believes in our mission and recognizes that The House positively impacts our community. Please consider donating today so children can have a brighter future tomorrow. Your gift is sincerely appreciated!


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